In accordance with the Iraqi Constitution and the values guiding the Sunni population of Iraq, the Office of The Arab-Sunni Representative for Iraq (OASRI) is a coalition representing Sunni Arabs in Iraq that seek a recognized voice, effective role and enduring stake in our nation’s future.

Our societal lineage is threatened by acts of violence and the rejection of pluralism. In order to create a strong and sustainable foundation for future generations, we seek reconciliation, reconstruction, security and justice for atrocities affecting millions of displaced Iraqi Sunnis.

We seek to advance a mode of citizenship that affords equal rights for all Iraqis and an actionable sulha (peacemaking ritual) which will restore honor to our nation and advance the rule of law.

Statement of Principles

Principle I: Governance

OASRI aims to realize the promise of representative government envisioned by the Constitution of Iraq. The protection of Iraq’s Sunni population amidst the current fragile security environment requires the institutionalization of balanced and transparent civil and military infrastructures in national, regional and local governments.

Principle II: Security

OASRI seeks to contribute to a comprehensive political, judicial and military strategy to defeat Daesh and dismantle all armed groups engaged in violent acts targeting the Iraqi people. Achieving this requires the balancing of societal representation in all security mechanisms operating in Sunni regions and an end to foreign aid that fosters sectarian violence. Further, international efforts to empower Sunni communities to defend themselves against Daesh and militias furthering sectarianism through the facilitation of training and/or the distirbution of defense materials must be transparently and impartially administered.

Principle III: Economy

OASRI seeks the reform and balanced development of the Iraqi economy to ensure the full investment of its resources, diversification of its sources and the encouragement and development of the private sector, including an equitable role for representatives of the Sunni population in the federal government’s appropriation and distribution of funds to the regions and governorates.

Blueprint for Restorative Justice

The preamble of the Constitution of Iraq states, “Sectarianism and racism have not stopped us from marching together to strengthen our national unity, following the path of peaceful transfer of power, adopting the course of just distribution of resources, and providing equal opportunity for all.” Within Iraq and outside its borders, OASRI will advocate for the principles, policies and actions necessary to realize this vision of a stable and unified Iraq.

1. OASRI demands the formation of delegated committees with legitimate Sunni representation embedded within the government structure in order to actively advance the following reforms vital to promoting reconciliation and to rebuilding Iraq as a democratic state:

  • a. Reconstruct Iraqi security forces on a non-sectarian and professional basis.
  • b. Enhance oversight of security forces and anti-terrorism operations to ensure balanced distribution of arms, supplies and resources.
  • c. Dismantle and decommission existing armed militias and bolster the responsibility of regional police forces.
  • d. Pass National Guard legislation with new provisions enhancing the autonomy of regional governments.
  • e. Pass a practical and transparent amnesty law that affords all Iraqi citizens the due process guaranteed to them under the Constitution of Iraq.
  • f. Oversee distribution of humanitarian aid funded by international institutions in order to ensure transparency and impartiality.
  • g. Protect the cultural heritage of all Iraqi citizens without distinction, to include rebuilding symbolic and unifying holy ground, cities, villages and historical sites.

2. OASRI rejects regional and international influence in Iraq that intentionally promotes division among the Iraqi people or inhibits funding for specific Iraqi provinces.

3. OASRI seeks alignment with Iraq’s central government, international governments and non-governmental organizations in order to engineer a funding structure that assists the repatriation of internally and externally displaced Sunnis.

4. OASRI proposes the removal of the term “Ba’ath Party” and “De-Ba’athification” from the Law of The Supreme Commission for Accountability and Justice, as well as programs affiliated with the Supreme National Independent Commission for De-Ba’athification. Removal of these terms from the legislative vernacular will assist future generations in sustaining national unity and social stability.

OASRI’s dedication to these principles will advance a recognized voice, effective role and enduring stake in Iraq’s future for Sunni Arabs, in service of a stronger nation.

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